Animated Explainer Videos – What To Expect

It is great news that you are considering investing in an Explainer Video, and thank you for considering Hopscotch Studios to produce it. This article is intended to talk you through the important ingredients to get the best out of your Explainer Video.

Yes, it’s true that Explainer Videos are a great way to engage potential customers and familiarise them with your business (or one aspect of your business).

However, great Explainer Videos are not about novelty characters looking cute on the screen. Neither are Explainer Videos best used for telling the whole history of your company!

Sure, your message is compelling and you have a lot to say. You are an evangelist for your brand, after all! However, Explainer Videos are most effective when they are used to EXPLAIN your message clearly and concisely in a captivating and engaging way in order to provide that hook to get people interested in taking the next step.

Sometimes that next step may be for our team just to find out more by visiting your website or talking to your sales team. Sometimes we may need to take a look at your actual product or service. All of this will depend on what product or service you wish to promote, and how you wish to present it.

Just remember that it should be a hook, not a detailed instruction manual!

The best Explainer Videos will:

  1. Captivate your viewer or potential customer
  2. Clearly and simply explain your product message or business offering
  3. Give a clear call to action
  4. Be a hook to help generate a sales lead or make a product sale.

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