Animated Explainer Videos

If you were asked to describe your company you could probably go on for hours about the features and benefits of your product or service.

But if you had to do this in less than two minutes and hold the attention of a typical Internet user, you may find yourself hard pressed to squeeze in all the information. For many businesses, the solution comes in the form of an explainer video.

These short animated videos present viewers with a snapshot of your offering to help them with the decision making process.

The concept is easy enough: just think of it as making your elevator pitch. But in an engaging, original animated video.

The real challenge, however, is in the production stage. Most business managers don’t have the time or resources to learn even the basics of video production. That’s where Hopscotch Studios can offer a very affordable and effective alternative.

Check out this example of one of our animated explainer videos:

Hubspot recently reported that over 70% of Internet users will watch a video online in 2012. So whether you’re a multimedia maven or not, it’s critical to find a way to get your message out in video form.

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