Generate app screenshots in seconds with

Generate app screenshots in seconds with

placeit 1placeit 1Today, I discovered another great resource for easily generating graphics that you can use on your website.  Check it out at Placeit, developed by Breezi, is a free web app tool which lets you generate really cool product screenshots of your apps of web pages in all sorts of realistic environments.  It only takes a few seconds to upload them, and they make great graphics for your web pages.

So how does Placeit work?

Its really simple: from the home page, select one of the three options which include 

  • interactive video, which showcases interactive demos in an animated live environment
  • blender, which allows you to mix devices and backgrounds to get your perfect environment
  • or still shots, which places your image within one of placeit’s still shots.

In each case, you have a selection of “stages” and backgrounds to choose from, some of which are free (leaving you with a watermark) and others of which are paid for, premium themes.

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