Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Management.

Fairness is not among the rating criteria used to classify online reviews, so a tarnished web image is more common than it should be. Online Reputation Management can optimise your online profile and deliver the positive prominence you deserve.

Online Reputation Management

As we advance into the 20th century, a company or individual’s ‘virtual’ online presence is usually the first impression most prospective- and existing customers will see. And in the same way we vet the standing of a new business connection, would-be clients gain instant positive or negative feedback on companies via Google searches. Research confirms 86% of purchasers report altering a planned purchase after reading negative online comments, therefore the message to businesses is clear: Online Reputation Management is essential to safeguard your market image.

What does Reputation Management achieve?

For business, it proactively assesses a company’s online information profile available to the Internet community. Here, any detrimental comment has the potential to unravel the efforts of your brand marketing in an instant, negatively influencing the purchasing behaviours of your target audience. Tracking your online profile to detect threats is vitally important, as is maintaining a positive brand image; and, of course, responding immediately should there be any attempt to undermine your reputation.

Is tracking your Online Reputation really necessary?

Studies indicate 78% of buyers research their purchase choices online, with more than 8/10 switching to an alternative product or service on reading adverse reviews, and 9/10 claiming good reviews persuaded them to purchase. Obviously, those wishing to damage your business identity online face few legal obstacles, but equally, a positive array of online comments has compelling commercial potential which should not be overlooked. In proactive mode, reputation management is about the nuanced generation and handling of business information in the digital domain.

On Google, 94% of all clicks favour the ‘top ten’ listed results on the first page (most web users never look beyond) so effective ORM ensures overwhelmingly positive search results feature on that first search page, pushing less-flattering content out of sight on to lower pages.

Don’t let critics take control of your target audience! Secure your own Hopscotch Studios Reputation Management consultation now to safeguard your business interests and get your online reputation working on your behalf.

Hopscotch Studios Reputation Management Services – What We Do

Review Compiling – At Hopscotch we will gather and post a series of favourable reviews about aspects of your brand image. This collection will be published on authoritative, highly credible Internet locations, outranking any harmful reviews in the process. Once this material is subject to search-engine rating, it will downgrade unfavourable material, thereby accentuating approving comments as they rise towards the top.

Creating and optimising Social Media profiles – Hopscotch can manage your important social media presence, for example initiating Twitter and Facebook accounts. On Facebook we can organise a company page or add a personal profile. Elsewhere, we can set up tweets and page updates, sign up to groups and participate in forums. And in addition, we can advise on a custom network account URL to support your corporate branding aims.

Social Media Enhancement – This Hopscotch service optimises, then supercharges, your impact on social media. As a result, your media account will be buzzing with activity designed to grow your brand reputation on digital media. This includes not only forums/groups/updates, but also the acquisition of Facebook friends and followers on Twitter.

The Hopscotch ORM package also includes support/analytical services such as Content Generation, Research and Analysis, plus rival profile-tracking via Competitor Backlink Analysis. We can evaluate your present digital-domain real estate and develop a personalised campaign to deploy your present resources in the most brand-effective manner. Using this assessment, Hopscotch will then develop further blogs and niche micro-sites with the same aim as your company: to ensure your brand commands the first page’s high-ranked search listings.

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