Team Hopscotch Studios

Will Paice

Will Paice

Will Paice is half of the Hopscotch Studios team of founder producers.

Educated at Durham University, Will has spent 30 years in the film and television industries in London and Los Angeles, California.

Will has extensive experience managing both small and larger enterprises, in diverse fields including engineering, property, design, furniture, internet marketing and publishing.

As President of Panavision, the iconic film equipment company, based in Hollywood, Will developed the skills he had learnt and applied them to the the challenges of running a complex multi-national business in the entertainment industries.

It is his familiarity with businesses both large (Panavision reports sales of over $200 million and employs over 1,000 people across its global network of offices) and small local operations in the U.K. and U.S.A., as well as a comprehensive and first-hand knowledge of filmmaking and internet marketing which led Will to offer his expertise to local businesses in Southeast England where he now lives with his family.

As well as managing the business side of Hopscotch Studios, Will is closely involved in every aspect of creative design and direction, and is committed to delivering outstanding video and websites at an affordable price.

Charlotte Wontner 268 wide

Charlotte Wontner

Charlotte Wontner has worked extensively across documentary and drama as a producer and a production manager for twenty five years.  She has hands-on experience of running a budget and organising large productions in the UK, USA and Europe. In 1999 she established Hopscotch Films with director Clara Glynn and since then the company has developed a slate of mixed genre feature films and produced award-winning documentary and drama.

She has produced four feature films including the Jane Rogers adaptation ISLAND which gained a theatrical release in the UK and is currently being sold by Anderson/Traction in the USA; the Hi Def 3D horror FIRED financed by Idream; STRAIGHT a Super 16mm comedy feature financed by Idream and the £2million feature THE SICK HOUSE which was sold internationally by Arclight films.

Charlotte has also produced four short films; IT’S NOT YOU IT’S ME which was selected by TCM, shortlisted for BAFTA and shown at Bristol, LA, Palm Springs and Dresden; SHRINK which was selected for Dipict at Bristol; A FAIRY STORY which was selected by Critics Week at Cannes, the London International Film Festival & LA and shortlisted for the Kodak Short Film Awards. She is currently in post production with the 3D fantasy short THE INFECTIOUS IMAGINATION OF HENRY BRAMBLE which is an innovation short for The North Sea Screen Partnership.

Among other productions she produced Clio Barnard’s ROAD RACE in 2005. The film explores the transitory nature of the underground sport of gypsy buggy racing on motorways and its relationship to contemporary car culture. The project was shot on film and financed by Film London.

Charlotte production managed Clara Glynn’s first short UNSCREW for the BBC and Scottish Screen. The film was shortlisted for BAFTA and selected for the Edinburgh, London and NY Film Festivals.

As an Associate Producer and Production Manager Charlotte has worked with the Smithson Film Company on LAST YEAR’S TORIES a CH4 Cutting Edge. For the Oxford Television Company her credits included THE HISTORY OF THE TORY PARTY/BBC2, DANCING THROUGH DARKNESS/BBC1 Omnibus: The story of last ten years of the life of Rudolf Nureyev, THE PARTNERS/BBC2 Modern Times, GOD ONLY KNOWS/CH4 Equinox and NAKED NEWS/CH4 Docs & A&E (USA): A four part series focusing on the American media.

In the early years Charlotte worked for corporate and commercial productions companies Grosvenor Television, Roymark and Spots Films and her first assistant director role was on the Patrick Swayze, Liam Neeson feature NEXT OF KIN in Chicago, USA.

All the choices Charlotte has made and continues to make are driven by the opportunity to work with great talent and to create an imaginative new world where an original and important story can take place.