What is SEO and why is it important to businesses in Kent?

Far too often, information technology professionals cloak what they do in jargon which can seem impenetrable to ordinary businesspeople. Most business owners simply want to know how they can use new technology to enhance their offering to customers, and to boost their visibility.

Hopscotch Studio’s SEO Kent is an initiative which aims to help entrepreneurs who wish to do just that.


What Is SEO Kent? SEO is shorthand for ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. Whilst this may sound a confusing concept, in fact it is simply the process of making a webpage more visible through search engines such as Google and Bing. This can, of course, be done through paying for adverts at such sites, but consumers tend to mistrust search results which have been paid for.

This is why most search engines separate the results of ‘paid for’ searches from their ordinary rankings. By far the most cost-effective method of increasing traffic to a business website is to boost its ‘natural’ ranking on prominent search engines.

In order to boost this natural ranking, Hopscotch Studios will examine your existing web offering and evaluate its current performance within the most popular and widely used search engines. Having analysed the situation, a comprehensive strategy will then be put into place to boost your site’s ranking and ensure that customers find your business before any of your competitors.

This is done by altering the language contained in your webpages in an organic and natural way, which makes sure that the most regularly used search terms by your customers are ‘caught’ by what you write on your website. Hopscotch Studios can help you to understand exactly what your customers are looking for, and to cater to it through your online presence.

Why Use SEO?

Some local businesspeople still believe that an advertisement in the Yellow Pages and a few stories in the local newspaper will continue to bring in customers and maintain the bottom line. The reality is, however, that in the digital and online age such old-fashioned methods will no longer suffice.

It is a simple fact that around 9 in 10 of all searches for a suitable business by consumers are now conducted online, and that the conduit for these enquiries is almost always the most prominent search engines. Unless the consumer in question is already a loyal customer of yours, they are unlikely to go direct to your website. Rather, their enquiry will be mediated by the search engines, and particularly by Google.

Of course, almost all websites appear on Google in one form or another, so it might seem unnecessary to pay for search engine optimisation. The problem with this theory, however, is that most consumers never go beyond the first page of results after making their enquiry.

If your website is not highly ranked enough to catch the eye when someone types in (for example) ‘hair salons in kent’, you might as well not exist. Those of your competitors who have optimised their websites will monopolise all of the search engine generated business which will ensue, and you will be left to rely on old-fashioned word of mouth and passing trade.

Isn’t SEO Just For Big Business?

It is often easier for entrepreneurs to grasp the importance of services such as SEO Kent to big businesses, as opposed to local firms. This, however, is based upon a simple misconception about how search engines work. Services such as Google are, in fact, more important to small businesses than large companies. This is because most large enterprises already have a significant brand name, independent advertising, and established customer loyalty.

Apple, for example, does not require a high Google ranking in order to succeed. In contrast, a local hairdresser or florist is unlikely to have a brand identity which differentiates itself from every other business of its type in the local area. The consumer will simply shop at the first place they find online.

In recognition of this, Google has introduced a version of its Google Places application, designed specifically for businesses. Even those companies which have not invested in a website of any kind can enter their details into this directory of businesses, which also hooks up with Google Maps and allows consumers to find the nearest outlet which serves their needs. It allows business owners to update customers on details such as opening times and contact information, as well as allowing notifications and updates to reach consumers instantly.

This new angle of SEO services is vital to get right, as it will become increasingly important and may determine the balance of power between your company and your immediate competitors.

If you have been one of the business people who has dismissed online engagement as a fad, or has been intimidated by the jargon used by those who seem to be ‘in the know’, now is the time to invest in search engine optimisation. Across Kent, from Dover to Sevenoaks, thousands of consumers are searching every day for businesses just like yours. As soon as the first page of results passes before their eyes, they have made their decision. Can you really afford to be one of the local business owners who continues to ask “what is SEO Kent”? Improve your search engine ranking today, and you will see the benefits in profit, brand recognition and customer footfall for years to come.

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