What is SEO? And why is it so important for local businesses in Kent, Sussex, Hampshire and Essex?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s “natural” or un-paid (“organic”) search results. Watch this video for a brief overview.



In general, the earlier (or higher ranked on the search results page), and more frequently a site appears in the search results list, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users. SEO may target different kinds of search, including image search, local search, and video search.

90% of consumers now use Search Engines when looking for a Local Business.

We all know that it is critical that your Business and its Website can be found by new potential clients in the Search Engines.  Gone are the days when word of mouth was enough to bring you new clients.

The current market is ultra-competitive and only the strongest businesses survive. Traditional media are not only extremely expensive, but are also less effective than they used to be and consumers now find all they need in the Internet’s Search Engines. For most people (for over 90% of people in the UK) this means Google.

What’s wrong with Yellow Pages?

Many local businesses stay with Yellow Pages or local magazines and business directories for fear that they will miss out on business if they leave. However, the fact is that businesses on page one of Google for their niche are the ones that are enjoying a very steady trade, gaining a steady stream of new clients.

Local SEO is the process which puts your company in front of millions of potential customers on Google and the other leading Search Engines.

SEO is ideal for all kinds of businesses; Hairdressers, Beauty Salons, Solicitors, Plumbers, Electricians, Carpet Fitters, Builders, Vets, Florists, Dress Makers, Roofers, Garages and many more.

Boost business by harnessing the power of Google

Here are some of the searches made in the average MONTH on Google.co.uk for Local Businesses:

1,600 people searched online for a Builder in Brighton
Over 1,000 people looked for a Plumber in Maidstone.
6,600 hungry people searched for a pizza in Brighton
More than 1,600 look for a Hairdresser in Tunbridge Wells.
4,400 searched for a cleaner in Brighton.
2,400 people looked for a Solicitor in Ashford.
5,400 people searched for a florist in Brighton
And more than 22,000 people looked for a Driving School in London.

That’s just in one month!

The Search Engines are more important than ever before for Local Businesses. We all turn to the web for the things we need. Where else but on Google, Bing or Yahoo do you go when you need a product or service?

Whatever your business, whether it be Builder, Plumber, Cleaner, Dentist, Driving School, Florist, Solicitor, Estate Agent, Accountant, Beauty Salon, DJ, Photographer, Wedding Planner, Caterer, Dog Groomer, Car Hire, Hotel, Pub, Gardener, Pest Control, Printer, Removals Company, Roofer, Tree Surgeon, Surveyor, Fencing Company, Child Minder, Garage, Funeral Director, Vet, Carpet Fitter, Double Glazing Fitter, Jeweller, Cafe or Clothing Boutique, the power of the Search Engines can be used to bring you more business.

If you were a Plumber in Maidstone, and your business was on page one of Google, imagine how much you would benefit from the endless consumer traffic and increase in enquiries to your Business. If you had a Pizza Company in Brighton and you were on page one for the search ‘Pizza Brighton’ imagine how much more of your product you would sell.

Google is only one of the many Search Engines you could be ranking highly with. There is also Yahoo, Bing, Ask, AOL and lots of other, smaller, Engines that you may never have heard of, such as Ezilon and GoComb.

If you get your Local Business SEO done the right way, you will rank highly not only in Google but hundreds of other Search Engines.

It’s critical to be on page 1 of Google. When you are searching for something with Google, how often do you go past that first page? 85% of people will never go past the first page of results on a standard Google search for a Local Business.

The top three organic (unpaid for) listings in Google attract 58.4% of all clicks from users according to research from Optify.

Websites ranked number ONE received average click-through rates (CTR) of 36.4%; position TWO had 12.5% and position THREE had 9.5%.  So being number ONE in Google, according to Optify, is the equivalent of all the traffic going to the sites appearing in the second through fifth positions.

We live in a connected world with Google available on Laptops, PCs, Phones, Sat Nav, and TVs. These days consumers are never far away from the internet.

  • Help potential clients find your Business.
  • Get your Website on Page One of a Google search.
  • That’s what SEO is all about.

Let Hopscotch Studios bring you that page one ranking for your Business and benefit from the huge amount of traffic the search engines provide.

So many clients come to us having spent thousands on all singing, all dancing websites. They may look fantastic but if no-one can find them then you may have wasted your money. The goal of any business website is to generate income, either by selling a product online or generating those inbound enquiries that turn into new business. Without people being drawn to your site you could be the business world’s best kept secret.

Local Business SEO by Hopscotch Studios.

SEO Diagram

Your website needs to be highly focused on the task of bringing new customers to your business. It needs to be easy for the Search Engines to understand what you are all about. If you don’t have one already then perhaps we can build you a highly focused, Search Engine friendly, website.

It’s hard work getting your Website onto page one of Google. It takes hours of work per month to ensure you achieve, and maintain, the high ranking you require. Hopscotch Studios can help you benefit from our expertise and achieve the ranking results you require.

  • Help potential clients find your Business.
  • Get your Website on Page 1 of Google.

If you require any further information, or details about the products or services we provide, then please contact us using the easy contact form by clicking here.

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If this sounds like the kind of service that your business will benefit from, then let’s work to get you there.

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